What is a dado and how do I make one.


And yet another hi-tech lo-tech hybrid!  Behold the awesome power of a buck fifty dry board. And who says education has to cost millions or billions.  Anyway a dado is basically a notch cut in a board.  If the notch is on the corner it gets another name rabbet.  Not to be confused with rabbit that eats carrots.  For a simple dado done with a table saw and without a dado blade that can cut the whole notch in one pass you can do it like the wonderful illustration above. Set the blade only deep enough to cut out what you want and make a cut for the near side and the far side of the dado then remove the middle with several passes moving the fence each time.  It can be time consuming but if that is a problem the answer is more tools.  Oh twist my arm 😉  For faster, look for dado blades, wobble blades or a router.  I have a wobble blade that I’ve never been able to use as it is incomparable with any of the table saws I’ve had.  Routers, on the other hand, I have used and they can make a cleaner dado  but the bits may not be available in exactly the width you happen to need.  So the table saw wins for versatility.  Of course saying that is very dependent on the situation.  As usual the situation determines many things.

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