The Big Picture

The subject of tools is one of those deep subjects that seems to go forever, and it does.  There are tools for everything and sometimes you have to make a tool to do something particular. Also you can have two people with the exact same tools and materials do something and both come out completely different.  So when I look at this subject and try to discover a method to explain this subject so that my kids or anybody else who wants to make or repair things can find out how to do it without being talked down to like a bunch of kindergarteners or being swamped with endless text about every little detail and possibly the most difficult thing, all the questions for which the answer is “it depends.”  At this point my best analogy is explaining the world of tools is like explaining a map of Dallas.  There are thousands of roads, millions of possible routes, the detail possible is huge.  So how do you explain such a thing?  Well you would have to start with the big chunks, landmarks, lakes, highways and such and work down to the side streets.
With that in mind I’m going to start with common wood working tools and branch out to metal tools later and who knows where after that.  And along the way some side trips to the land of methods, madness and materials.  What good are tools with no materials.  I will endevor to be at least mildly interesting  and continue documenting.

The Tool finder is my attempt to map the chaos that is the world of tools.