Router setup for thin material


Monday happens again and I was thinking about the router setup in the picture above.  I made a router table a few years ago and just replaced the top.  The whole thing is wood which has the advantage that I can screw extensions and attachments on anywhere I want. The downsides are since it is wood it can warp or bend and the thickness is sometimes a problem.  All that aside the challenge this time was to round the edges of some 1/4″ ply wood, the problem is that with this particular bit it cuts right to the edge of the wood which leaves nothing to contact the bearing thus the need for the wooden fence.  The trick to using it is to have the front face of the fence line up with the near side of the bearing then slide the piece being rounded along the fence without letting the corners dive into the notch. Also there must be some part of the piece that does not get removed otherwise it will get shorter each time it goes through and it is usual for things to go thru multiple times.

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