Novel plumbing solution


So for something different I have a “what’s wrong with this picture?”  A bit of background there was a small water heater attached to the large corrigated lines, and all of this was inside a cabinet before.

The amazing thing was that this setup worked for years.  As to what was wrong I would say mixing pvc and cpvc for starters.  Pvc ( the white pipes) is good for corrosion resistance and cold water, cpvc( the beige pipes) is the hot water version of pvc.  Better to stick with the right fittings for the pipes especially since they are not quite the same sizes so they won’t fit very well and your glue joint may leak.
The other problems mainly revolve around choices and possibilities.  If I had the choice I would not want brass to black iron to galvanized to stainless on a water pipe.  Two words galvanic cell.  The dissimilar metals in close proximity with water and dissolved salts makes a corrosion time bomb.  All plumbing will one day fail. No need to accelerate  the process.
If you happened to notice the broken pipe on the left that was due to the copious quantities of polyurithane foam (aka “great stuff”) used to attempt to insulate the cabinet.
And finally the wire sticking out of the box is just asking for trouble.  I suppose I will have to put up my bucket of sarcasm for the moment before it spills.  And by the way this is the first test of a wordpress app for my phone so I can now post on the fly.  Woo hoo.

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