Making sheetrock into curves.

So if you ever find yourself in need of making sheet rock fit a curve there is a way to do it.  I have heard of using water to soften the sheet rock and I’ve tried it.  At least with half inch white rock water seems to just destroy the rock.  Also for slight curves I have had some success with flexing the rock slowly.  If it was bent quickly it would snap.  Anyway the most successful method for tighter radiuses has been to slice the paper on the back of the rock at regular intervals.


So to fit a curve you have to have a curve and since I don’t have a picture of the layout for the curve in the picture I won’t try to explain that aspect.  The basic idea to make an archway like this one is to frame the wall like it would be a doorway and then cover the whole curvy part with sheetrock.  Then draw the curve on one side of the wall.  Cut the rock along the line and transfer the curve to the other side and cut it too.  Then cut wooden blocks to slide in between the sides of the wall to support the curved piece.  Then cut a strip of rock the thickness of the wall and put a sieries of slices on the back at 1.5″ intervals and snap each slice. Screw each segment or every other segment to the blocks.


Next it needs corner bead and for this the plastic type is better because it will flex.  They make bendable corner bead with one side solid and the other side in short segments but if it is not available cut your own segments with tin snips.
Please leave a comment if you have any questions on doing this or any other sort of project.

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