Jig with depth guage


Tuesday happens once again and I figured I would put something on another jig. For this one what was needed was two holes a certain depth on either side of the back of several drawers. For making this jig the fixed dimensions were how far up and distance in from the sides and the depth of the hole.  The width of the drawers were all different and the holes are mirror images of each other so the jig had to have the holes on both sides.  Easy to use just slide the jig left and right and drill.  So for the depth adjustment I put the drill bit in the drill as deep as it can go, that way it is easy to reset if I need to do something else and come back,  then take the length of the drill bit minus the thickness of the jig and minus the depth of the hole needed and make block of wood that thick.  I usually make the block small so it doesn’t swing around much.  The other important thing is the type of bit.  I like the bradpoint tips since there is less likely hood of them walking.
Speaking of walking I’m out of here.

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