How to sand an inside curve


After sanding the flat areas in the last post the next challenge was the curvy bits where the routed parts meet.  This time the boards were routed before being assembled and some of pieces did not line up perfectly.  Problem the belt sander won’t work there. The orbital does not do well either.  Hand sanding with sand paper and finger tips will work but hard on the fingers. New idea, at least I think it is a new idea. Roll up the sandpaper and use it like a slightly smushable(if that is a word) sanding tube thing.  I would slide the sand tube thing down the grooves like a miniature log.  Some times it would loosen a bit but I could just reroll it between my hands.  I found that sanding corners from both sides did a good job of evening them up and keeping the routed profile which most sanding methods would begin to remove.

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