Cheap metal stud finder


Necessity is the mother of invention is very true.  So I needed a stud finder for metal studs but it is not something I do every day so rather than stop working and spend money to buy a stud finder I just assembled this little gizmo. Two magnets and a strip of something like paper or tape.  This time I used a strip off of a paper towel, other times I’ve used paper tape or masking tape.  You could use string but then the magnets tend to spin around and it takes longer to stabilize. 
  It’s easy to use, just hold the paper so that the magnet dangles next to a wall and slide it to the side until the magnet sticks to a stud or screw.  This could be used to find a wooden stud using the screws or nails however it would take more time as you would have to scan vertically and horizontaly.

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