Adjustable shelf drill guide

It’s Monday again and after too much pumpkin pie I finally have my adjustable shelf drill guide picture up. So the way this one works is you put a 3/16″ bit as deep as it will go in the drill and create a spacer block to control the drill depth just like a couple […]

Drilling cabinet doors

Wednesday and its time for more on cabinet doors and yet another jig.  This time we had an entire kitchens worth of cabinet doors made by a cabinet company but none of them were drilled for hinges.  Hinges can get crazy.  You might think oh hinges are hinges, but not so much. There are […]

Jig with depth guage

Tuesday happens once again and I figured I would put something on another jig. For this one what was needed was two holes a certain depth on either side of the back of several drawers. For making this jig the fixed dimensions were how far up and distance in from the sides and the […]

Router setup for thin material

Monday happens again and I was thinking about the router setup in the picture above. I made a router table a few years ago and just replaced the top. The whole thing is wood which has the advantage that I can screw extensions and attachments on anywhere I want. The downsides are since it […]

Figuring angles

There are many ways to play with angles but for doing things like moulding or wrapping wood around something like in the above picture there is a simple but important difference between saws and the way you define angles in geometry. On a miter saw if you set the angle at 0 degrees it […]

Spitting sink valve

An observation about  this style of sink valve when you get air in the water lines turn the water on very slowly or you get blasted below the belt with water when the bubbles come out.

Murphy bed

Here we have a Murphy bed I worked on a while ago. It starts as a small box with a few hinges, odds and ends, and some instructions. The DVD that comes with it is helpful for creating the first one. The only annoying thing is the constant warnings not to modify the […]

Picture is worth 1000 words

When working on something like the sprinkler system shown above it is so much easier to just take a picture and be able to see how all the parts connect and in this case what each wire does all with the push of a single button.  Simple trick too easy to ignore.


Random Insect

I saw this bug the other day and was able to get a picture of it. Granted it is a bit fuzzy and bugs does not fit with most of the other posts, but I thought it was interesting. Minor mystery. What kind of bug is it? What does it do? Can it help […]

How to control dust while remodeling

One way to control dust while remodeling is to have a second person hold a shop vac as c!ose as practical to the source of the dust.  Once that stuff escapes it will fly around and get everywhere.  Sometimes that is somewhat OK but usually it is not.  At the very least you will […]