Big pile of tools.

A general observation that has held fairly true is that it takes a big pile of tools to get things done but once the pile gets large enough you can do anything. Some times a project is small enough that you only need a few tools but usually it starts with OK I need to cut this board to length and so out comes the compound miter saw but the piece needs a corner notched out so mabey the table table or a skill saw or jig saw.  Then it needs a little sanding so sanding stuff comes out then nailgun and compressor or some form of glue then let’s say that the board gets stuck and needs a prybar but then the pry bar won’t fit that spot so out comes a different prybar and on and on.  When the project is done the tool pile is huge.  The problem occurs when you don’t have a tool to do a particular process and you get stuck.  Can you build a house with a pocket knife?  Only with heroic effort, infinite time and endless dedication. In Some tools cab be substituted and techniques can be adapted.  I will do what I can in this blog to explain some of the possibilities and inspire the rest. 

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